Travel Like an Executive – Preparation is the Key

Have you ever noticed a business traveler in the airport? Business travelers and other executives are truly in a class of their own. They have special luggage, preferred seating, and an elevated knowledge of the industry that simply makes traveling much easier. The following information will provide you with several traveling secrets that previously were only known by today’s business travelers.

Booking your flight – Relationships and loyalty are the key to taking advantage of exclusive travel offers. Most business travelers and executives are loyal to one airline and often use a travel agent to arrange flight itineraries. It is tempting to utilize one of the many discount online travel websites; however, most travel agents can secure similar airline rates and save you time!

Reserving a hotel room – Similar to the airline industry, many hotel chains reward travelers for remaining loyal to their company. Take advantage of the same offers that most business travelers utilize and start saving money! By the way, you would be amazed by the power of a simple question. Ask and you shall receive (or at least have a better chance of receiving). If you are interested in an upgrade, simply ask the hotel employee during your check-in…you might be surprised what you receive!

Know how and what to pack – Packing is a crucial aspect of traveling and therefore, it is critical that travelers are familiar with what and how to pack. For example, many executives that frequently travel often carry all-inclusive toiletry kits. Packing a travel kit filled with essential toiletry and personal items is a great way to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected challenges of traveling.

Protect your valuables – Business travelers realize that safety is always a concern and therefore take the necessary precautions. For example, carry a limited amount of cash while traveling. Instead of carrying cash, use debit and credit cards and take advantage of the extra protection offered to travelers. In addition to the added security, many credit cards offer reward points for purchases!

Like other things in life, learning from the experts will help make your travels more efficient. Frequent travelers, whether for business or pleasure, have provided the rest of us with a road map that will prepare us for easier travels.

Taking a Trip Without Breaking the Bank

Early planning is the first step in getting the best deal for a vacation. As soon as the plans for the vacation are in place, research needs to be done as to finding the best possible deals. Utilizing the Internet, travel agents, and personal research can provide an assortment of offers, allowing choice of the best deal for your own personal situation.

Package deals are often offered through websites and agents, allowing for savings in purchasing airfare, hotel, and attraction arrangements all at once. There are as many different websites and agents as there are offers out there, and consideration needs to be made in the variety of offers available. Again early planning is valuable as there might be offers that come and go over the time before the trip is to happen and offers can change often, if not daily.

Hotel and flight arrangements can also be achieved at a lower discount through a traveler’s employer as well. Many large companies offer special deals with certain hotels and airlines for their employees. Speaking to your HR office or management team can provide deals that you might have not know about.

Certain credit cards offer deals for their customers as well. Using the card to book rooms and flights with certain hotels and airlines can provide a discount for the cardholders. These discounts, while often small, provide additional savings, providing more money for the trip itself.

If you only need certain components such as hotel or hotel and attraction tickets, looking for individual offers and comparing what is out there can help in saving money. The hotel websites often post special deals, and the time of the trip can affect costs as well. Going during off peak times is often less expensive than going during peak times such as weekend and around holidays.

Shanghai China Shopping – Xiang Yang Market

Shanghai China’s Xiang Yang market is one of the favorite tourist shopping stops in Shanghai. The Xiang Yang market offers both tourists and locals the opportunity to shop for many types of famous brand knock-off products at bargain prices. It helps to understand the customs and practices of shopping at Shanghai Xiang Yang and most of the rest of China
before embarking on this adventure.

Shanghai’s Xiang Yang market is located in the central shopping district of Shanghai making it easy to find. It is on HuaHai Central Road, one of two main shopping streets in Shanghai, near the intersection with ShanXi South Road. The Xiang Yang market can be easily reached by taxi, or from the Shanghai subway line 1, getting off at the Shan Xi Nan Lu stop. Walk west on HuaHai Road about 1/2 block and follow the crowd into the market.

Upon entering the market, visitors will be approached by hawkers offering watches, DVDs, purses, etc. Pass them by and continue into the main part of the Xiang Yang market where there are hundreds of small booths offering products of all varieties. Included are shirts, ties, watches, sunglasses, golf clubs, jackets, coats, backpacks, ladies handbags and a wide assortment of other items.

If asked, the clothing vendors will usually tell you that the products are genuine and overruns from the China factories. In most instances this is not true and the products are copies of the real thing. If you don’t care and realize what you are buying, there are good bargains to be found.

Price haggling is the norm and is expected in Xiang Yang market as in most places in China. Initial price offerings to foreigners will be 3-4 times the local price, but many still consider it a good deal and pay anyway. The best advice is to offer no more than 15-20 per cent of the first offered price and gradually negotiate up to no more than 30-35 percent, depending on how badly you want it. At that point, start to walk away and your offer will likely be accepted.

In Chinese price bargaining, if you offer a price and it is acccepted, it is considered extremely poor form to then change your mind and either decline the purchase, or start bargaining again. A deal is a deal.

The Shanghai Xiang Yang market is very crowded and the only danger is that of occasional pickpockets. Secure your valuables as you would in any other crowded urban surrounding.

Xiang Yang market shopping is one of the “must dos” for visitors to Shanghai and is a good way to spend a half day before returning home.